Hand tools for mechanics, plumbers, engineers, carpenters, gardeners, builders, DIYers & more

Our stock of hand tools and accessories are designed to cater to any trade or DIY job, however large or small. Boys & Boden branches stock tools for plumbing jobs, building jobs and woodworking jobs, as well as engineering tools, mechanic’s tools and gardening tools.

Due to our extensive tooling range, our branches in Chester, Shrewsbury and Mid-Wales are always popular with tradespeople we well as home users and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to advise on which tools are most suited to your intended job. 

Tools & equipment for experts & home users

Boys & Boden builder’s merchants stock an extensive range of power and hand tools for you to view in branches located in Shropshire, Cheshire and Mid-Wales. We supply all the top brands of hand tools, including tools from Roughneck, Bahco, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Stanley Tools, Irwin and many more. Our tool stock is designed to cater for budget shoppers as well as tradespeople who require top-end tooling products for professional jobs. 

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  1. 10 Series Bowsaw  BAH102151
  2. 135 Series Parrallel Pin Punches  PRI135116
  3. 1991B Trimming Knife Blades  STA011911
  4. 1992B Knife Blades Heavy-Duty  STA011921
  5. 228 Junior Saw Blades  BAH22832
  6. 23 Series Raker Tooth Bowsaw Blade  BAH2321
  7. 244 Barracuda Handsaw  BAH24422PN
  8. 2700 Hardpoint Handsaw  BAH270022XT
  9. 300 Orange Polyethylene Brick Lines  FAI300
  10. 300 Stillson Wrench  REC30010
  11. 301 Braided Nylon Chalk Lines  FAI301
  12. 302 Twisted Nylon Chalk Lines  FAI302
  13. 319 Hacksaw Frame  BAH319
  14. 396-HP Folding Pruning Saw  BAH396HP
  15. 414 Bevel Edge Chisel  BAH41425
  16. 424-P Bevel Edge Chisel  BAH424P25
  17. 474 Rectangle Cabinet Scraper  BAH474125060
  18. 51 Series Peg Tooth Bowsaw Blade  BAH5112
  19. 5192 Concave Knife Blades  STA011952
  20. 5901 Straight Knife Blades  STA011221
  21. 64R Rigid Rustless Rule  STA035400
  22. 70-2 Double Plumb Box Section Spirit Levels  STB70236
  23. 70T Torpedo Levels  STB70T
  24. 80 Series Adjustable Wrench  BAH8069
  25. 82 Series Slip Joint Pliers  BAH8223
  26. 83S Double Plumb Levels  STB83S16
  27. 880 Universal Hardpoint Panel Saws  JAK880UN20
  28. 96-M-2 Double Plumb Magnetic Spirit Levels  STB96260
  29. Adjustable Basin Grip + Wrenches  MON345
  30. Adjustable Basin Wrench  FAIBWADJ
  31. Adjustable Spanner  FAIAS250C
  32. Adjustable Wrench, Wide Jaw  MON3141
  33. Aluminium Try & Mitre Squares  IRW10503543
  34. Automatic Copper Pipe Cutter  MON22PC
  35. Aviation Snips  IRW10504309
  36. Aviation Snips  STA214564
  37. Bahco 396-JT Folding Pruning Saw  BAH396JT
  38. Bailey G Clamps  STA083033
  39. Ball End Hexagon Key Set  STA069256
  40. Ball Pein Hammers, Hickory Handle  FAIBPH12
  41. Beechwood Lead Dressers  MON734
  42. Bi-Metal Trapezoid Knife Blades  IRW10504241
  43. Black Builder's Bucket  FAI40LBUCKET
  44. Blue Strike Claw Hammers  STA151488
  45. Bolt Cutters - Centre Cut  OLY39018
  46. Bossing Sticks  MON748
  47. Bowsaws  ROU66822


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  48. Brick Bolsters  ROU31986
  49. Butane Propane Gas Cartridges  FAIGZ170
  50. Carpenter's Mallets  FAICM4

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