Pliers, Strippers, Snips & Croppers

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  1. 82 Series Slip Joint Pliers  BAH8223
  2. Aviation Snips  IRW10504309
  3. Aviation Snips  STA214564
  4. Bolt Cutters - Centre Cut  OLY39018
  5. Combination Pliers 2678G Series  BAH2678G160
  6. Compound Aviation Snips  FAIAS10G
  7. ControlGrip Combination Pliers  STA074367
  8. ControlGrip Diagonal Cutting Pliers  STA074362
  9. Curved Jaw Locking Pliers  STA084808
  10. Curved Jaw Locking Pliers With Wire Cutter  VIS4WRC
  11. FatMax Groove Joint Pliers  STA084647
  12. FatMax Slip Joint Pliers  STA084645
  13. FatMax VDE Long Nose Pliers  STA084006
  14. FP222 Fence Pliers  RPDFP222
  15. G245 Straight Tinsnips  GIL24510
  16. High Tensile Centre Cut Bolt Cutter  FAIBC14
  17. Long Nose Locking Pliers  STA084812
  18. Long Nose Locking Pliers  VIS4LNC
  19. M-1R Metalmaster Compound Snips  WISM1R
  20. M-2R Metalmaster Compound Snips  WISM2R
  21. M-3R Metalmaster Compound Snips  WISM3R
  22. Snipe Nose Pliers 2470G  BAH2470G200
  23. Straight Jaw Locking Pliers  STA084810
  24. Straight Jaw Locking Pliers  VIS7RC
  25. Straight Tinsnips  FAITS10
  26. VDE Combination Pliers  STA084000
  27. VDE Heavy-Duty Diagonal Cutting Pliers  STA084003
  28. VDE Long Nose Pliers  FAIPLVDELN6

Set Descending Direction

28 Item(s)

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