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Hand tools for mechanics, plumbers, engineers, carpenters, gardeners, builders, DIYers & more

Our stock of hand tools and accessories are designed to cater to any trade or DIY job, however large or small. Boys & Boden branches stock tools for plumbing jobs, building jobs and woodworking jobs, as well as engineering tools, mechanic’s tools and gardening tools.

Due to our extensive tooling range, our branches in Chester, Shrewsbury and Mid-Wales are always popular with tradespeople we well as home users and our knowledgeable staff are always on hand to advise on which tools are most suited to your intended job. 

Tools & equipment for experts & home users

Boys & Boden builder’s merchants stock an extensive range of power and hand tools for you to view in branches located in Shropshire, Cheshire and Mid-Wales. We supply all the top brands of hand tools, including tools from Roughneck, Bahco, DeWalt, Black & Decker, Stanley Tools, Irwin and many more. Our tool stock is designed to cater for budget shoppers as well as tradespeople who require top-end tooling products for professional jobs. 

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  1. Kraftform Plus 165iS VDE Slimline PZ/S  WER006460
  2. Stainless Ballpoint Hex-Plus Keys  WER022705
  3. Kraftform 395 Nutspinners  WER028205
    Supplier - Wera - Screwdrivers
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  4. Kraftform 367 TORX Screwdrivers  WER028005
  5. Joker Double Open-End Spanners  WER003760
    Supplier - Wera - Mechanic's Tools
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  6. Joker Combination Spanner Sets  WER073290
    Supplier - Wera - Mechanic's Tools
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  7. Kraftform Comfort 1335 Parallel Screwdrivers  WER031401
  8. Kraftform 160i Slotted VDE Screwdrivers  WER006100
  9. Kraftform Plus 162iS VDE Slimline PH/S  WER006455
  10. Kraftform 2067 TORX Micro Screwdrivers  WER118040
  11. Kraftform 350 Phillips Screwdrivers  WER008705
  12. 8790 HMC HF Bolt Hold 1/2in Drive Socket  WER003734
  13. Zyklop Sockets Metric Series 8790 HMB 3/8in Drive  WER003554
  14. Kraftform Chiseldrivers 977 Torx Screwdrivers  WER024400
  15. Kraftform 3355 Stainless Steel Pozidriv Screwdrivers  WER032031
  16. Kraftform 2054 Hexagon Micro Screwdrivers  WER118062
  17. Kraftform 334 Slotted Flared Screwdrivers  WER007610
  18. Kraftform Comfort VDE Slotted Screwdrivers  WER031580
  19. 8767 C HF Screw Hold 1/2in Drive Sockets 140mm  WER003854
  20. Zyklop Sockets Metrix Series 8790 HMA 1/4in Drive  WER003510
  21. Kraftform Chiseldriver 918 Pozi Screwdrivers  WER017050
  22. Kraftform 3335 Stainless Steel Parallel Screwdrivers  WER032001
  23. Kraftform 2035 Slotted Micro Screwdrivers  WER118002
  24. Kraftform Comfort 1367 Torx Screwdrivers  WER031505
  25. Kraftform Comfort VDE Phillips Screwdrivers  WER031601
  26. 8740 C HF Screw Hold 1/2in Drive Sockets 140mm  WER003843
  27. Zyklop Flex Lock Extension 1/4in Drive  WER003530
  28. VDE Adjustable Torque Screwdrivers  WER074750
  29. Kraftform 367BO Resistorx Screwdrivers  WER138260
  30. Joker Combination Spanners  WER073268
    Supplier - Wera - Mechanic's Tools
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  31. Kraftform Comfort 1350 Phillips Screwdrivers  WER031440
  32. Kraftform 162i Phillips VDE Screwdrivers  WER006150
  33. Kraftform Plus 162iS VDE Slimline Phillips Screwdrivers  WER006450
  34. Kraftform 391 Flexible Shaft Nutspinners  WER028148
  35. Kraftform 355 Pozidriv Screwdrivers  WER009310
  36. 8790 FA Zyklop Shallow 1/4in Socket  WER003669
  37. Joker Combination Spanner Sets  WER020012
    Supplier - Wera - Mechanic's Tools
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  38. Kraftform Comfort 1334 Flared Screwdrivers  WER031420
  39. Kraftform 3367 Stainless Steel Torx Screwdrivers  WER032050
  40. Kraftform Plus 160iS VDE Slimline Slotted Screwdrivers  WER006441
  41. Kraftform 2055 Pozi Micro Screwdrivers  WER118030
  42. Kraftform 335 Slotted Parallel Screwdrivers  WER008015
  43. 8767 C HF Screwhold 1/2in Drive Socket 60mm  WER003834
  44. Zyklop Extension Flex-Lock Free-Turning Sleeve 3/8in Drive  WER003592
  45. Kraftform Chiseldriver 932 Slotted Screwdrivers  WER018264
  46. Kraftform 3350 Stainless Steel Phillips Screwdrivers  WER032020
  47. Kraftform 2050 Phillips Micro Screwdrivers  WER118020
  48. Kraftform 300 Stubby Screwdrivers  WER009330
  49. Kraftform Comfort VDE Pozi Screwdrivers  WER031611
  50. 8740 C HF Screw Hold 1/2in Drive Sockets 60mm  WER003824

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