We have strict social distancing measures in place at all branches for the protection of staff and customers. We are strictly controlling customer levels. We are NOT accepting CASH at this time - Card Payment or Account only. 


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  1. Geocel Trade Mate Plumber Putty 750g Grey [GEOTMPUTTY]
    Supplier - Sherwin Williams - Ronseal Geocel Colron Dow Thompson Top Gun
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  2. SikaEverbuild Block Paving Seal 5L Clear [SIK18BLO05]
  3. SikaEverbuild Stone Protector 5L Clear [SIK410465]
  4. SikaEverbuild Mould Buster 5L Purple [SIKA18MOU05]
  5. SikaEverbuild MaxMix Plasticiser 1L Brown [SIKA170376]
  6. SikaEverbuild MaxMix Frostproofer & Accelerator 1L Straw [SIKFROSTACC1]
  7. SikaEverbuild SikaCim No Crack Concrete Fibre 75g [SIKCONFIB100]
  8. SikaEverbuild Wintermix 5L Green [SIK18WIN05]
  9. SikaEverbuild SikaMix Powdered Mortar Plasterciser 250 Sachets [SIKPMP250B]
  10. SikaEverbuild SikaMix Plus 5L [SIK445021]
  11. SikaEverbuild SikaBond Contractors PVA 10kg White [EVBBDCONPVA10]
  12. SikaEverbuild SikaBond SBR Plus 5L White [SIK443839]
  13. SikaEverbuild Patio Seal 5L Clear [SIKA18PAT05]
  14. SikaEverbuild Dustproofer 5L Clear [SIKA18DUS05]
  15. SikaEverbuild Release 5L Clear [SIK18REL05]
  16. Geocel Top Gun Glazing Putty C3 [GEO2939860C23]
    Supplier - Sherwin Williams - Ronseal Geocel Colron Dow Thompson Top Gun
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  17. Upside Down Marking Paint White 750ml - :PKT6001
  18. Upside Down Marking Paint Yellow 750ml - :PKT6002
  19. Jetcem Rapid Set Cement 12kg (2 x 6kg Pack) - :EVBJETCEM6
  20. EP200 Epoxy Putty Refill - Single - :TODEP200
  21. SikaEverbuild Fastfix All Weather Grey 14Kg [EVSFFIXGY14]
  22. SikaEverbuild Fastfix All Weather Buff 15Kg [EVSKFFIXBF15]
  23. SikaEverbuild Febond Blue Grit
  24. SikaEverbuild Dur 31CF Normal 1.2kg Grey [SIKA117485]
  25. SikaEverbuild MonoTop Quick Fix Mortar 5kg Grey [SIKMTQFIX5]
  26. SikaEverbuild Brick & Patio Cleaner 5L Clear [SIKA18BPC05]
  27. SikaEverbuild Surveyline 700ml
  28. SikaEverbuild Anchorset Co-Axial Gun 380ml [SEANCHGUN]
  29. SikaEverbuild Patio Wizard Concentrate
  30. SikaEverbuild Geo-Fix All Weather 14kg
  31. SikaEverbuild Geo-Fix Paving Jointing Compound 20kg
  32. SikaEverbuild OPTI-MIX Integral Waterproofer 1L [SIKOPTIPROOF1]
  33. SikaEverbuild 209 Liquid Mortar Tone Black
  34. SikaEverbuild 208 Powder Mortar Tone Red
  35. SikaEverbuild 206 Strike Release Oil 5L [SIKSTRIKE5]
  36. SikaEverbuild 204 Premium Evermix 3in1
  37. SikaEverbuild 203 Accelerator & Frostproof
  38. SikaEverbuild 202 Integral Liquid Waterproofer
  39. SikaEverbuild 201 Mortar Admix 25L [SIKADM25L]
  40. SikaEverbuild 402 Water Seal 25L Clear [EVEWAT25]
  41. SikaEverbuild Cemstrip Cement Remover Green
  42. SikaEverbuild Cemstrip Sprayable 1L Green [EVBCEMSPRAY1]
  43. SikaEverbuild Anchorset Resin Spare Nozzle No.4 [SEMETONOZ4]
  44. SikaEverbuild Anchorset Resin Red 380ml [SEANCHRED380P]
  45. SikaEverbuild Anchorset Resin Red 300ml [SEANCHRED]
  46. SikaEverbuild Anchorset Resin Green 150ml [SEANCHGRE150]
  47. SikaEverbuild 102 Butyl Glazing Compound 2kg Brown [EVBUTGC2]
  48. SikaEverbuild 101 Multi Purpose Linseed Oil Putty
  49. SikaEverbuild 105 Epoxyset Standard Cure 4kg Grey [SIKEPOX1054]
  50. SikaEverbuild JETCEM Waterproofing Rapid Setting Cement 3kg [SIKJETWAT3]

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