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  1. Trend B127  Bearing 1/2" diameter 1/4" bore  TRB127
  2. Trend B127A  Bearing 1/2" diameter 3/16" bore  TRB127A
  3. Trend B127A/10  Multi pack of ten bearings 3/16" bore (r3-zz)  TRB127A10
  4. Trend B16  Bearing 5/8" diameter 1/4" bore  TRB16
  5. Trend B18  Bearing 18mm diameter 1/4" bore  TRB18
  6. Trend B19  Bearing 3/4" diameter 1/4" bore  TRB19
  7. Trend B19A  Bearing 3/4 diameter 3/16" bore  TRB19A
  8. Trend B19C  Bearing 3/4" diameter 1/2" bore  TRB19C
  9. Trend B19H  Bearing 19.0mm diameter 6mm bore  TRB19H
  10. Trend B20  Bearing 20mm diameter 1/4" bore  TRB20
  11. Trend B23  Bearing 23mm diameter 1/4" bore  TRB23
  12. Trend B260  Bearing 26mm diameter 1/4" bore  TRB260
  13. Trend B63B  Bearing 1/4" diameter 1/8" bore  TRB63B
  14. Trend B95A  Bearing 3/8" diameter 3/16" bore  TRB95A
  15. Trend COLL/12  Collar pack OD 18mm  TRCOLL12
  16. Trend COLL/14  Collar pack OD 11mm  TRCOLL14
  17. Trend GB111/A  Guide bush 11.1mm diameter x 3mm spigot   TRGB111A
  18. Trend GB111/B  Guide bush 11.1mm diameter x 5.5mm   TRGB111B
  19. Trend GB111/C  Guide bush 11.1mm dia x 4mm   TRGB111C
  20. Trend SP-C  Spare pack C, NC5 screw, 3/32" hex key   TRSPC
  21. Trend SP-C149C  Groover for C149  6.35mm kerf  TRSPC149C
  22. Trend SP-C156A  Block for C156 classic   TRSPC156A
  23. Trend SP-C157A  Block for C157 bevel   TRSPC157A
  24. Trend SP-C170A  Spare back cutter for C170A bevel   TRSPC170A
  25. Trend SP-C208C  Groover 10mm kerf (D=40mm)  TRSPC208C
  26. Trend SP-C209C  Threaded groover 10mm kerf  TRSPC209C
  27. Trend SP-C221C  Groover 15mm kerf (D=40mm)  TRSPC221C
  28. Trend SP-C223C  Groover 20mm kerf  TRSPC223C
  29. Trend SP-C255C  Groover cutter 6mm x 47mm dia   TRSPC255C
  30. Trend T31/1/5  Filter bag 5 off T31   TRET3115
  31. Trend UNI/GB16  Unibase guide bush 16mm outside diameter   TRUNIGB16
  32. Trend WP-FC/FJP  F clamp fixed jaw pad rectangle   TRWPFCFJP
  33. Trend WP-FC/SJP  F clamp sliding jaw pad round   TRWPFCSJP
  34. Trend WP-HJ/09  Bradawl for HINGE/JIG  TRWP-HJ09
  35. Trend WP-HJ/C/01A  Extrusion upper long 1263mm H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC01A
  36. Trend WP-HJ/C/01B  Extrusion lower  short 688mm H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC01B
  37. Trend WP-HJ/C/02  Sliding block plastic H/JIG/C   TRWPHJC02
  38. Trend WP-HJ/C/04  Edge guide male alloy through H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC04
  39. Trend WP-HJ/C/05  Edge guide alloy threaded hole H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC05
  40. Trend WP-HJ/C/06  Locking knob H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC06
  41. Trend WP-HJ/C/07  Locking knob c/w three holes H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC07
  42. Trend WP-HJ/C/08  End swivel plate alloy H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC08
  43. Trend WP-HJ/C/09  T bolt M6 x 31mm RH H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC09
  44. Trend WP-HJ/C/10  T bolt M6 x 31mm LH H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC10
  45. Trend WP-HJ/C/11  End cap foot plastic H/JIG/C   TRWPHJC11
  46. Trend WP-HJ/C/16  Knob M5 x 35mm H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC16
  47. Trend WP-HJ/C/17  O ring for M5 H/JIG/C  TRWPHJC17
  48. Trend WP-LOCK/B/02  Sliding inserts pair for LOCK/JIG/B  TRWPLOCKB02
  49. Trend WP-LOCK/B/03  Alloy stop two part for LOCK/JIG/B  TRWPLOCKB03
  50. Trend WP-LOCK/B/05  Setting block nylon pair LOCK/JIG/B  TRWPLOCKB05

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