Routing Jigs

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  1. Trend AR/JIG  Aperture Radius Jig   TRARJIG
  2. Trend BS/JIG  Belfast sink  jig   TRBSJIG
  3. Trend C/CHISEL  Corner chisel HSS   TRCCHISEL
  4. Trend CASE/1001  Carry case for KWJ700/900 and COMBI1002  TRCASE1001
  5. Trend CASE/HJ/A  Fabric carry case for H/JIG/A   TRCASEHJA
  6. Trend CASE/HJ/C  Fabric carry case for H/JIG/C  TRCASEHJC
  7. Trend CDJ300  Craft Dovetail Jig 300mm   TRCDJ300
  8. Trend CDJ300/01  Craft dovetail 300mm 1/4 half blind  TRCDJ30001
  9. Trend CDJ300/02  Craft dovetail 300mm 1/2 comb box   TRCDJ30002
  10. Trend CDJ300/03  Craft dovetail 300mm 8mm comb box   TRCDJ30003
  11. Trend CDJ300/05  Craft dovetail 300mm 1/2 through   TRCDJ30005
  12. Trend CDJ600  Craft Dovetail Jig 600mm   TRCDJ600
  13. Trend CDJ600/01  Craft dovetail 600mm 1/4 half blind  TRCDJ60001
  14. Trend CDJ600/02  Craft dovetail 600mm 1/2 comb box   TRCDJ60002
  15. Trend CRB  Combination router base   TRCRB
  16. Trend CRB/CR  CRB cranked rods    TRCRBCR
  17. Trend CRB/SF  CRB side fence    TRCRBSF
  18. Trend CRB/TB  CRB trimming base    TRCRBTB
  19. Trend CTI/80/PK1  Cable tidy insert light grey 80mm  TRCTI80PK1
  20. Trend CTI/80/PK2  Cable tidy insert brown 80mm  TRCTI80PK2
  21. Trend CTI/80/PK3  Cable tidy insert black 80mm  TRCTI80PK3
  22. Trend D/CLAMP/A  Door clamp ratchet type   TRDCLAMPA
  23. Trend D/LIFT/A  Door lifter  TRDLIFTA
  24. Trend D/LIFT/B  Door & board  lifter swivel type   TRDLIFTB
  25. Trend D/STAND/A  Door holder stand   TRDSTANDA
  26. Trend DG/JIG  Draining groove Jig   TRDGJIG
  27. Trend ELLIPSEJ/1  Extension bar 500mm x 12.7mm   TRELLIPSEJ1
  28. Trend ELLIPSEJ/A  Ellipse jig type A  TRELLIPSEJA
  29. Trend H/JIG/A  Hinge jig two part in case   TRHJIGA
  30. Trend H/JIG/C  Hinge jig Skeleton two part in case  TRHJIGC
  31. Trend HINGE/JIG  Hinge recessing Jig Single Piece  TRHINGEJIG
  32. Trend HR/JIG  Hot Rod JIg    TRHRJIG
  33. Trend INLAY/KIT/A  Inlay kit with 3.2mm cutter 1/4 Solid tungsten   TRINLAYKITA
  34. Trend KWJ/PIN/4  KWJ900 10mm pin pack of 4   TRKWJPIN4
  35. Trend KWJ700  Kitchen Worktop Jig 700mm   TRKWJ700
  36. Trend KWJ900  Kitchen Worktop Jig 900mm   TRKWJ900
  37. Trend LOCK/JIG  Lock Jig   TRLOCKJIG
  38. Trend LOCK/JIG/A  Lock Jig Large   TRLOCKJIGA
  39. Trend LOCK/JIG/B  Adjustable trade lock jig   TRLOCKJIGB
  40. Trend M/KWS01  Kitchen Worktop Jig Offset Scriber   TRMKWS01
  41. Trend MT/DUSTKIT  MT/JIG dust kit   TRMTDUSTKIT
  42. Trend MT/JIG  Mortise and Tenon Jig   TRMTJIG
  43. Trend N/COMPASS/AEX  Router Compass 8mm extension Bars   TRNCOMPASSAEX
  44. Trend OFS/BASE  Offset router base   TROFSBASE
  45. Trend R/COMPASS/A  Router Compass 610mm   TRRCOMPASSA
  46. Trend RBT/1  Routabout Jig 18mm x 1/4" Shank   TRRBT1
  47. Trend RBT/2  Routabout Jig 18mm x 1/2" Shank   TRRBT2
  48. Trend RBT/3  Routabout Jig 22mm x 1/4" Shank   TRRBT3
  49. Trend RBT/4  Routabout Jig 22mm x 1/2" Shank   TRRBT4
  50. Trend RBT/CUT/2  Routabout Cutter 18mm Floor 1/2" Shank   TRRBTCUT2

Set Descending Direction

1-50 of 85

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