Guide Bushes and Sub-bases

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  1. Trend GB/01  Gb screws 2BA x1/4 pack of ten   TRGB01
  2. Trend GB/02  Gb/5 screws M6X16 pan pack of ten   TRGB02
  3. Trend GB/03  Gb M5 fixing pack for DW613 (5 Pairs)   TRGB03
  4. Trend GB/5  Sub base with bush and 2 pins   TRGB5
  5. Trend GB/5/J  Sub base for Makita 3612C   TRGB5J
  6. Trend GB/5/Q  Sub base for Triton Trb001 and MOF 001  TRGB5Q
  7. Trend GB/COLL/1630  Guide Bush Collar 16mm to 30mm   TRGBCOLL1630
  8. Trend GB/COLL/2040  Guide bush collar 20mm to 40mm   TRGBCOLL2040
  9. Trend GB/COLL/25454  Guide bush collar 25.4mm to 53.9mm   TRGBCOLL25454
  10. Trend GB/COLL/3054  Guide bush collar 30mm to 53.9mm   TRGBCOLL3054
  11. Trend GB/COLL/7914  Guide bush collar 7.9mm to 14.28mm   TRGBCOLL7914
  12. Trend GB/D  Guide bush set 8 off imperial   TRGBD
  13. Trend GB/PLATE  Sub base with bush and pins   TRGBPLATE
  14. Trend GB/T4/160  Guide Bush 16mm For T4 Hinge Jig   TRGBT4160
  15. Trend GB10  Guide bush 10mm diameter   TRGB10
  16. Trend GB108  Guide bush 10.8mm diameter   TRGB108
  17. Trend GB11  Guide bush 11mm diameter   TRGB11
  18. Trend GB111  Guide bush 11.1mm (7/16) diameter   TRGB111
  19. Trend GB12  Guide bush 12mm diameter   TRGB12
  20. Trend GB13/P/A  Guide bush plastic 13mm x 5mm spigot   TRGB13PA
  21. Trend GB14  Guide bush 14mm diameter   TRGB14
  22. Trend GB157  Guide bush 15.68mm x 6mm DJ300   TRGB157
  23. Trend GB158  Guide bush 15.8mm x 6mm CDJ300   TRGB158
  24. Trend GB158/B  Guide bush 15.8 x 4mm CDJ300   TRGB158B
  25. Trend GB16  Guide bush 16mm diameter   TRGB16
  26. Trend GB160  Guide bush for hinge jig 16mm diameter   TRGB160
  27. Trend GB17  Guide bush 17mm diameter   TRGB17
  28. Trend GB18  Guide bush 18mm diameter   TRGB18
  29. Trend GB20  Guide bush 20mm diameter   TRGB20
  30. Trend GB22  Guide bush 22mm diameter   TRGB22
  31. Trend GB22/A  Guide bush 22mm diameter x 4mm spigot   TRGB22A
  32. Trend GB222  Guide bush 22.2mm (7/8) diameter  TRGB222
  33. Trend GB238  Guide bush 23.8mm (15/16) diameter   TRGB238
  34. Trend GB24  Guide bush 24mm diameter   TRGB24
  35. Trend GB24/A  Guide bush 24mm diameter x 10mm spigot  TRGB24A
  36. Trend GB240  Guide bush 24mm dia x 10mm  TRGB240
  37. Trend GB254  Guide bush 25.4mm (1 Inch) diameter  TRGB254
  38. Trend GB26  Guide bush 26mm diameter   TRGB26
  39. Trend GB27  Guide bush 27 (1-1/16) diameter   TRGB27
  40. Trend GB28  Guide bush 28mm diameter   TRGB28
  41. Trend GB286  Guide bush 28.6mm (1-1/8) diameter   TRGB286
  42. Trend GB30  Guide bush 30mm diameter (from plate 6mm)  TRGB30
  43. Trend GB30/A  Guide bush 30mm diameter x 10mm spigot   TRGB30A
  44. Trend GB30/B  Guide bush 30mm diameter (from plate 5mm)  TRGB30B
  45. Trend GB302  Guide bush 30.2mm (1-3/16) diameter  TRGB302
  46. Trend GB318  Guide bush 31.8mm (1-1/4) diameter   TRGB318
  47. Trend GB32  Guide bush 32mm diameter   TRGB32
  48. Trend GB333  Guide bush 33.3mm (1-5/16) diameter  TRGB333
  49. Trend GB40  Guide bush 40mm diameter   TRGB40
  50. Trend GB40/B  Guide bush 40mm diameter x 14mm spigot  TRGB40B

Set Descending Direction

1-50 of 58

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