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Sawn timber

Perfect for general purposes, ungraded timber from Boys & Boden can be shaped and treated to your unique needs. Ungraded timber is not recommended for structural purposes, for that you will require timber grades C16 and C24, both of which are also available from Boys & Boden.

The key benefits of ungraded timber are how adaptable it is, and how affordable it is. This means it is a great choice for landscaping and fencing, where quantity is necessary. In any Boys & Boden branch, you can find services that include cutting, machining and cross-cutting; meeting the precise requirements of your next project, whatever timber parts you need. 

Wood for building and DIY

Boys & Boden are also FSC chain of custody certified (FSC-C018393), meaning that much of their timber comes from responsibly managed forests. Look for the FSC logo on products for eco-friendly options.

For more on the Boys & Boden range and how it can help you with your next project, visit a store today and speak with the friendly staff.

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  1. 150x150mm Sawn Timber & Tanalised 2.4m W/Top Post  150150T
  2. 150x150mm Sawn Timber & Tanalised W/Top Post -3.0M  0150150P30
  3. 25 x 200mm -SAWN U/S REDWOOD  252003
  4. 25 x 200mm -SAWN U/S REDWOOD  252003
  5. 38 x 275mm -SAWN U/S REDWOOD  038275R
  6. 50x225mm -SAWN U/S REDWOOD  502252
  7. 50x225mm -SAWN U/S REDWOOD  502252
  8. 75 x 200mm SAWN U/S REDWOOD  075200US
  9. F 100 x 300mm -SAWN Timber  100300STF
  10. F 100x100mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  100100T
  11. F 100x200mm -SAWN Timber  1002001
  12. F 150x150mm -SAWN Timber  150150STF
  13. F 22x100mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  022100T
  14. F 22x150mm -SAWN TIMBER & TANALISED  025150T
  15. F 22x200mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  022200T
  16. F 22x225mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  022225T
  17. F 22x75mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  025075TT
  18. F 47x300mm -SAWN Timber  0473001L
  19. F 75x300mm -SAWN TIMBER  075300STF
  20. F 75x75mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  075075T
  21. F INCISED 100x100mm x1.8m -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  100100ISTT18
  22. F INCISED 100x100mm x2.4m -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  100100ISTT24
  23. F INCISED 100x100mm x3.0m -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  100100ISTT30
  24. F INCISED 75x75mm x1.8m -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  075075ISTT18
  25. F INCISED 75x75mm x2.4m -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  075075ISTT24
  26. P 100x150mm -SAWN Timber  1001501
  27. P 100x225mm -SAWN Timber  1002251
  28. P 100x250mm -SAWN Timber  1002501
  29. P 19x38mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised Lath  190382
  30. P 19x38mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised Lath  190382
  31. P 38x38mm -SAWN Timber & Tanalised  038038T
  32. P 75 x225mm -SAWN U/S REDWOOD  752252
  33. P 75 x225mm -SAWN U/S REDWOOD  752252
  34. P 75x250mm -SAWN Timber  752501
  35. P 75x250mm -SAWN Timber  752501

Set Descending Direction

35 Item(s)

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FSC® products available on request. Please contact your nearest branch for further information.

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