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Stone Cladding;
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Stone cladding from Boys & Boden offers an attractive rustic surface for both interior and exterior wallsThe range includes both rough and smooth options that can match contemporary designs, or create a pleasing contrast between the two. One of the key practical benefits of stone wall Cladding is its insulating properties. The stone creates a neutral layer that stops heat loss and gain, this means that it helps keep a home cold in Summer and warm in Winter.
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See Our Wall Cladding Displays     

The textured cladding, available at Boys & Boden, is difficult to fully appreciate as an image. If you are deciding what you want to cover your home with, or perhaps create a feature wall in your living room, you will want to see the product first. Boys & Boden houses an extensive display of stone cladding options (photographed) for you to experience. The largest display, at the Chester branch, features several aisles of cladding that you can view, touch and compare to find your favourite.

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Quality Cladding from Manufacturers You Can Trust

Stone wall cladding and veneers at Boys & Boden come from experienced suppliers of quality products, like ZCladThese systems are available in numerous designs, are easily installed and most importantly, look great. The modular panels provide a uniform finish with no seam on both straight flat walling and corners too. This simple application makes stone cladding a versatile option for both interior and exterior walls. For more on the selection of decorative stone cladding at Boys & Boden, Visit your nearest store today, take a walk around and speak with the friendly staff.

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