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Plywood sheets

Plywood is an engineered timber that is made from thin layers of wood veneer, also known as “plies”. Each layer is rotated by up to 90 degrees, this keeps the grains crossed for a strong and stable sheet material. This strength also keeps warping to a minimum and decreases the chance of splitting when nailed, tacked or screwed, making plywood an extremely versatile construction material.

We offer a variety of plywood types in our range: Shuttering plywood is a much denser material that lacks a decorative veneer as it is meant for practical purposes, such as shuttering setting concrete. Marine plywood has been specially engineered to withstand moist and humid conditions. It is created with durable veneers in order to resist warping, delaminating and fungus. It is primarily used for purposes such as boat construction.

Plywood for building and DIY

Veneered plywood has been given a decorative veneer finish, this makes it suitable for home interiors and other areas where it will be exposed in a high traffic location.
Hardwood Plywood has a timber core for superior integrity, offering a more environmentally friendly option to solid woods. It works well in doors and other fixtures where strength is key.

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  1. 2400x1200x5mm Bendi Plywood Cross Grained - Flexible Plywood  IPW24125X
  2. 2440 x1220 x6mm EN314-3 MARINE PLYWOOD  DPPVNPQ
  3. 2440x1220x12mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BB12
  4. 2440x1220x12mm EN314-3 MARINE PLYWOOD  DPPVNPR
  5. 2440x1220x18mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BB18
  6. 2440x1220x18mm EN314-3 MARINE PLYWOOD  DPPVNPS
  7. 2440x1220x25mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BB25
  8. 2440x1220x3.6mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BB04
  9. 2440x1220x5.5mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BB06
  10. 2440x1220x9mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood   XX84BB09
  11. 2440x1220x9mm EN314-3 MARINE PLYWOOD  DPPVNPQA
  12. 3050x1220x12mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BB3A
  13. 3050x1220x18mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BB3B
  14. 3050x1525x12mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BC12
  15. 3050x1525x18mm EN314-2 Hardwood Plywood  XX84BC18
  17. F 2440x1220x12mm Shuttering Softwood Plywood  XX84SH12
  18. F 2440x1220x18mm Shuttering Softwood Plywood   XX84SH18
  19. F 2440x1220x9mm Shuttering Softwood Plywood  XX84SH09

Set Descending Direction

19 Item(s)

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