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Galvanised sheeting

Suitable for industrial, agricultural and domestic situations; galvanised corrugated sheets are an affordable and effective option. A concern for some when using corrugated sheeting, is the noise in incline weather conditions, yet in truth it is no louder than other popular roofing materials.

Properly installed sheets last a life time and are resistant to rust, fading and insects. Along with outstanding durability, galvanised corrugates sheeting is extremely competitive on price, a surface, such as corrugated roofing can last up to twice as long as other competing materials.

Galvanised corrugating sheets

Throughout the lifetime of galvanised corrugating sheets, there is very little maintenance required, making it a simple and cost effective choice over long periods of time. Another key benefit of corrugating sheets is how overall lightweight the material is. This makes it a quick and easy process to install it.
For more on galvanised corrugated sheeting, sizes, cutting and advice; visit a Boys & Boden store today to speak with the helpful staff and see the extensive range available.

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  1. Galv Corrugated Sheet 660 x3050[10ft]  MCCOR3050
  2. Galv Corrugated Sheet 660 x3350[11ft]  MCCOR3350
  3. Galv Corrugated Sheet 660 x3660[12ft]  MCCOR3660

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