Work safety is at the forefront of the mind of any tradesperson, you should make sure that you are working in an environment that meets health and safety standards. Boys & Boden supplies a variety of products that will improve workplace safety.


PPE is a crucial aspect of work safety, and ensuring you have the appropriate footwear is essential. Well-fitted SAFETY FOOTWEAR will make all the difference in being comfortable at work.

Choosing the correct footwear, for the right environment is important especially when you’re working in different conditions. There are a variety of Safety Boots that you can choose from, we have some recommendations to help you decide:

SAFETY TRAINERS – The DEWALT Cutter Safety Trainers are purposefully designed to be lightweight wearing for comfort and all-day wearing. Fitted with a steel toecap tested to 200 Joules, and a rubber outsole with anti-scuff properties. Their synthetic material allows for breathable, everyday use for the jobs such as indoor work and hot environments.

LIGHTWEIGHT SAFETY BOOTS – These boots offer you an increased level of protection in working environments but are lightweight allowing room for comfort. DEWALT Extreme 3 Safety Boots are perfect for factory-based work as they provide heat resistance up to 300 degrees, withstand up to 200 Joules of pressure and contain a steel toecap. Additionally, they contain a moulded sole which is oil and slip-resistant. The ankle support provides a good level of support and stability, which is required when working on uneven or slippery ground.

ALL WEATHER SAFETY BOOTS – The Scan Texas Lined Rigger Boots are the perfect companion for outdoor, construction, or haulage work. Fitted with a steel toecap and soles for penetration resistance, which are resistant to oil, acid, heat and alkaline at up to 180 degrees. They’re designed with Grained Leather to ensure excellent resistance against abrasion, with the bonus of fleeced lining for extra comfort and warmth.



SAFETY HELMETS are used to protect the head when working on construction sites where there is a risk of objects falling from above, they can resist the impact and deflect any blows to the head. They are an essential part of PPE throughout the building industry.

There is a range of different hard hats which provide various types of protection. You can keep the sun out of your eyes on any job with a BUMP CAP, this also protects against scraping and minor bumps to the head. Additionally, a HARD CAP offers all-around protection with an adjustable fit, it offers a ventilated design with a sweatband for enhanced user comfort.

Some are designed with extra features such as varied colours, ear defenders and visors to suit your working conditions and needs.


SAFETY GLASSES provide protection against foreign objects that could potentially damage your vision, in trades such as construction, maintenance, and welding more times often than not there are dangerous particles that are carried in the air.

There are a variety of grades available to purchase from Boys & Boden, with a variant in impact. If you are working outside, UV protection may be something to consider. Anti-scratch and cushioned temple points are additional features.



DUST MASKS are designed to prevent you from inhaling any dust, debris, aerosols, and any other airborne particles or fumes. Respiratory protection is a key factor when working with environments with insufficient oxygen, harmful dust, fogs, smoke, mists, gases, vapors and sprays. Without this protection, there is an increased risk of cancer, diseases, or death.

FFP means the level of protection offered by respirators and face masks, with FF1 being the lowest level of protection and FF3 being the highest.

Masks are available in the form of reusable and disposable versions, and you can purchase interchangeable filters to extend their longevity.


HAZARD TAPE is used to highlight potential hazards and further prevent accidents in an environment, Safety Tapes come in a range of distinct colours, widths, and lengths to meet your requirements.

Reflective tapes are purposefully visible to warn of construction conditions or potential hazards. Anti-slip tapes have an additional grip to avoid further accidents, tape can be applied to flooring or stair nosing, ramps, and walkways as a precaution.


Looking for advice on what safety gear will suit your working conditions? Speak to one of our experts at Boys and Boden on 01938 – 556677 who will be able to share advice on ranges and varied brands.

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