Traditional Ironmongery for the Modern Home

Traditional ironmongery adds something special to a home, building or project.
It is the little things; the marks where the metal was struck and shaped into something special, the texture of the finished metal, 
the delicate shapes woven from heated iron and steel.

   Available Ironmongery Products    

ironmongery, gate fittings, door furnishings, latches, locks
Boys & Boden stock an extensive range of ironmongery coming from some of the most skilled hands in the country,
manufactured with traditional techniques that have been around for centuries.
The extensive product range features an elegant array of furnishings, brackets,
locks and accessories that can give a layer of charm to any property or conform to the aesthetics of a listed building.
Operating out of their base in the historic spa town of Llandrindod Wells,
From the Anvil create their products on site in a fully kitted-out workshop.
The location also boasts a large stockholding facility for efficient delivery and a large selection of quality items.
The selection of ironmongery available takes a lot of inspiration from traditional styles but incorporates modern design innovations for an effective balance;
honouring classic techniques with the added benefits of contemporary features.

The Craft of Ironmongery

ironmongery, metal latches, wrought iron handles, door furniture, ironmongery chester

Each component of every product has been crafted with meticulous care by some of the most skilled ironmongers the country has to offer. Employing techniques and skills that have been passed down over centuries, no two From the Anvil products are identical. Each has been given its own character and form from the smith that brought it into being.

Metalworking takes a delicate balance of strength and grace. In order to craft the perfect piece, the metal must be tempered and shaped at the optimum temperature using little more than an anvil, fire and experienced hands. This is far more than a manufacturing process; it is an art form.

Versatile Ironmongery Products

from the anvil, chester ironmongery, door furniture, latches, locks, handles

There are many ways that quality ironmongery can be introduced to a home or project. From the Anvil produce a large selection of products for all aspects of a home in an array of styles that can meet your design and decorating needs. For doors and gates, there are a catalogue of latches, handles, bolts, signs and knockers available. All of these come in differing designs and finishes for individual distinct aesthetics.
Similarly, From the Anvil also create furnishings for windows and cabinets, giving further avenues for breath-taking ironmongery to be added to a home. 
To discover the full selection of ironmongery products that From the Anvil manufacture, visit your nearest Boys & Boden, take a stroll around and speak with the helpful staff.

   Available Ironmongery Products