Cost effective and efficient DIY tips

Is there a task about your home that has just been waiting to be done? A door that needs rehanging, a table with a broken leg or a patio that needs to be laid. Many things can stop us from taking on home improvement tasks, for many there is a worry that the job will be too expensive. This is a valid concern, but money doesn’t have to hold you back if you are wise with what is available.

Budget Your Money And Your Time

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The first step before taking on any DIY or home improvement project should be, devise a budget. Know what you want to achieve and figure out how much that is going to cost. You will need to consider; materials, tools, timescale and whether you will need help with any tasks. Hiring someone to do the work for you will of course be more expensive, but if it is the only option then be sure you are hiring someone you can trust to get the job done. There may be those who can do the job cheaper, but if you are paying then it is better to have it done right than cheap. The timescale is an important consideration because time is as valuable as money in home improvement. Doing little bits over a long timescale can be more cost effective, but then you will need to ask yourself whether you are prepared to live in a semi-renovated space, it can bug some people having a mess that lasts several months.

Educate Yourself

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Almost everyone has the internet in their hands today. This access to information is extremely valuable for home improvement. There are small tasks that may baffle you at first, but after a cursory search you may discover that it is a straightforward DIY task. With that in mind, it is important to not shy away from tasks. Be confident in your own abilities, even if you lack any experience, you won’t know if you can do something until you try.

Reuse, Recycle and Upcycle

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It is all too easy to visit a large home store and pick out all the brand-new features and fittings you want in your home. Yet these stores are not necessarily concerned with giving you the best deal and you can end up with low-quality products. Instead, scrutinise what you have got already. Can that table leg be patched up? Would those shelves look less tatty with a coat of chalk paint?

Find a Great Deal at Your Nearest Boys & Boden

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Perhaps the most vital step in cost saving for your home improvement job is to find an affordable and trustworthy retailer who can provide the tools, materials and equipment you need at a great price. Boys & Boden has over a century of experience under its belt as a leading builders’ merchant. In this time it has developed to provide thousands of product lines suitable for both trade and home DIY. You will find bargains on top brands in all the Boys & Boden Branches; based in Chester, Shrewsbury, Newtown, Welshpool & Llandrindod Wells. With a dedicated fleet of delivery vehicles, take the stress out of moving bulky items and get that dumpy bag of aggregate delivered straight to the site.

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