Tiling can be a frustrating job, the Big Spin Levelling system works perfectly on both ceramic walls and flooring tiles, helping you combat those difficult jobs. The Big Spin Tile Levelling System is a 2 part system for perfect tile-to-tile alignment and works by using a threaded spacer base paired with a Big Spin cap, by tightening the cap using the screw tread, you can achieve a flush surface.

Within the Big Spin Starter pack, you will get 100 Big Spin Spacer Caps, and 100 bases, making it easier to create a neat and tidy finish in any area of your home. You can also purchase the spacer and bases individually, both available in packs of 100 pieces.

This system will provide excellent performance when used in conjunction with tiling systems for optimal results, it is recommended that best results are achieved when paired with regular tile spacers for joints up to 6mm.

The beauty of the Big Spin is that it is capable of delivering excellent results on ceramic tiles such as Porcelain, Marble, and Stone up to 16mm thick.

Containing anti-scratching properties, providing a big spin to ensure the protection of your freshly laid tiles.


Insert the threaded spacer base beneath each exposed edge of the tile, ensuring that there is contact between the spacer and the tile with no mortar in between.

Using your next tile, install tightly against the already positioned threader spacer base.

With your rubber mullet, begin to bed the tile into the mortar to release any trapped air. If you don’t have a rubber mullet at hand, you can use your hands to slide the tile back and forth.

Place the Big Spin cap on top of the threaded spacer base and spin the cap down to the tile surface. Continue to turn the cap as required until all the surfaces are flush with one another. 

After waiting for the mortar to cure, you can remove the caps and the threaded post by kicking, using a rubber mullet or a removal roller in the same direction as the grout joint. 

PLEASE NOTE:  This product is designed to avoid lippage and will not solve uneven floor problems, these must be levelled prior to laying the tiles.



Do you want to achieve a smooth and flat surface when tiling? The Tile Rite Big Spin Level System Starter Kit is available for purchase in all of our Boys and Boden stores for easy pick-up. For more information regarding Tile Rite’s extensive range of Levelling Systems or any of the Tile Rite products we offer at Boys and Boden, please ring one of our team members on 01938 556677 who would be happy to assist you.