LPD doors offer an indulgent selection of both contemporary and traditional door designs.
With several decades of experience, LPD doors boast a wide selection of designs in timber
and composit options. Made to last, these are doors that can be trusted to meet your own standards.

Oak Doors Collection

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The LPD Oak Collection is full of modern designs that have been coupled with the warm colours and welcoming textures of oak.

Colours Collection

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For a more personalised interior design, LPD also offer coloured options in their Colours Collection.
An array of subtle colour schemes are available to choose from, each made to compliment you creative and distinct styles.

White Collection

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For a clean, traditional finish, the White Collection boasts a variety of tried, tested and loved designs.
With a crisp finish and dozens of glazed options, these bright door designs introduce an extra element of light to a space.
This bright aesthetic can really open up a space and make it feel far larger.

Walnut Collection

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If your tastes lean more towards deep colours and intricate textures, the LPD Walnut Collection of doors could be just for you.
These stylish doors provide a rich and versatile finish to a space, elevating your doors from an installation to a feature I your home.

Laminates Collection

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For the highest level of customisation, you may want to consider laminated doors.
The versatile Laminates Collection from LPD Doors boasts a huge selection of colours, textures and designs.
With a durable finish, these contemporary doors can add a cool and stylish edge to a space.

Essentials Collection

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If you are having trouble finding a door for your home and unique style, the varied Essentials Collection could have exactly what you are looking for.
Popular designs with pine, hardwood and composite finishes; this choice collection of doors offer high levels of quality at an affordable price point.

Door Handles, Hardware and Accessories

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Along with the doors themselves, LPD can provide all of the necessary hardware and accessories for your favourite designs.
Quality handles, locks, hinges, fire door systems and more can be found in the range.
Handles can be mixed and matched with door designs, so you can find the perfect metal work to match your chosen woodwork.

Door Frames and Architrave

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Frames and architrave can be over looked when choosing doors. This is a big mistake because they have a massive influence on the look of the final design.
Thankfully LPD offer a range of frames and architrave as extensive as their selection of doors.
The colours, materials and designs have been carefully crafted to compliment the catalogue of doors in their range.

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