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K Rend is a trusted manufacturer of silicone render for protecting walls from weather and moisture while allowing it to breathe. With over 25 years of experience, K Rend are committed to excellence, innovation and teamwork so that they may produce the highest quality products and services. Renders from K Rend provide a durable, weatherproof coating in an array of different colours and styles. These natural looking finishes have been rigorously audited and tested to meet the highest standards for safety and performance. Always striving to develop innovative new products that meet the needs of the, ever evolving, construction industry; K Rend have a range of versatile products.  

K Rend Scraped Texture

K Rend Thin Coat


Silicone Range

The K Rend silicone selection offers supreme levels of water repellent protection for walls and surfaces. The material also breathes very well, allowing water vapour to pass through, preventing damp or mould from developing. With built in resistance to algae, this range of products offers a clean and tidy finish that can last, with minimal maintenance.

       K Rend silicone thin coat colours  

Silicone Thin Coat

Silicone Thin Coat, from K Rend, provides a tough textured finish that requires minimal upkeep for a pleasant finish. The thin coat comes in a selection of colours and textures, allowing you to achieve your desired aesthetic. Another benefit of Silicone Thin Coat is its weight. As it is very light it puts little strain on walls, making it a great choice when using an external insulation system.

       K Rend scraped silicone texture  

Scraped Texture

K Rend silicone scraped texture provides a uniform texture for your surface and has a very neat finish. This rendering option comes in 20 standard colours that vary from white, to powder blue to terracotta. Unlike the silicone thin coat, which requires a primer, a scraped texture render may be applied directly to blocks. This allows for a straight forward application.

       K render brick effect render  

Brick Rend

Although silicone render achieves a smooth professional finish there are many that prefer the look of exposed brick. With Brick Rend, you can have all of the weatherproof benefits of water resistant rendering with the added bonus of an attractive brick effect. This rendering option comes in a variety of colour options and has a neat traditional finish.

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