Wooden fence panels, gates & posts

Boys & Boden stocks an extensive range of timber fence panels, gates and posts to meet the style of your outdoor space. Whether you are repairing or building a new fence, this selection of posts and panels has everything you need to construct a sturdy and attractive garden perimeter.

Along with traditional overlap panels, the range also includes trellis, weave and mesh options so that you can achieve the precise look you want. A variety of gate options can also be found at Boys & Boden stores. Both timber and metal options are available in a choice of dimensions making them suitable for vehicle and foot traffic. To experience the full range of fencing options at Boys & Boden, visit a store today.

Garden fencing & gates

Visit a local branch in Chester, Shrewsbury or mid-Wales and take a stroll around the yard and speak with the helpful staff to see how Boys & Boden can help you with your next gardening or building project.

Our fencing products are designed to provide high-quality at affordable prices for gardening and building tradespeople and DIY users alike. These products will help you to create a safe, attractive and private garden space for domestic and commercial settings.

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  1. Grange Fencing ELITEPM12 Elite Malo Panel - 1.2m
  2. Grange Fencing ELTLP18 Elite Lille Panel - 1.8m
  3. Grange Fencing ELTMLPAN09 Elite Meloir Panel - 0.9m
  4. Grange Fencing ELTMLPAN11 Elite Meloir Panel - 1.05m
  5. Grange Fencing ELTMLPAN15 Elite Meloir Panel - 1.5m
  6. Grange Fencing ELTMLPAN18 Elite Meloir Panel - 1.8m
  7. Grange Fencing FETRADE4G Trade Featheredge Panel Green - 1.2m
  8. Grange Fencing FETRADE5G Trade Featheredge Panel Green - 1.5m
  9. Grange Fencing FETRADE6G Trade Featheredge Panel Green - 1.8m
  10. Grange Fencing GNPL3 Professional Lap Gold - 0.9m
  11. Grange Fencing GNPL4 Professional Lap Gold - 1.2m
  12. Grange Fencing GNPL6 Professional Lap Gold - 1.8m
  13. Grange Fencing HDFAN Fan Heavy Duty Trellis Green - 0.9m
  14. Grange Fencing HDT1 Heavy Duty Square Trellis Golden - 0.3m
  15. Grange Fencing HDT4 Heavy Duty Square Trellis Golden - 1.2m
  16. Grange Fencing HDT6 Heavy Duty Square Trellis Golden - 1.81m
  17. Grange Fencing PALTUL3 Palisade Panel Tulip - 0.9m
  18. Grange Fencing RTPGT Round Top Palisade Gate - 0.9m
  19. Grange Fencing SEL6 Side Entry Lap Gate - 1.82m
  20. Grange Fencing SOLPALGT Solid Infill Path Gate
  21. Grange Fencing TGLBG T&G Ledged & Braced Gate - 1.8m
  22. Grange Fencing WNPL3 Weston Professional Lap Brown - 0.9m
  23. Grange Fencing WNPL4 Weston Professional Lap Brown - 1.2m
  24. Grange Fencing WNPL5 Weston Professional Lap Brown - 1.5m
  25. Grange Fencing WNPL6 Weston Professional Lap Brown - 1.8m

Set Descending Direction

25 Item(s)

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FSC® products available on request. Please contact your nearest branch for further information.

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