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35 Item(s)

  1. SPAX Tstar Facade Screw 4.0 x45mm Stainless Steel 100Pk  ABC00400453
  2. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 3.5x35mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS3535
  3. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 3.5x40mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS3540
  4. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 4.0x20mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS4020
  5. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 4.0x25mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS4025
  6. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 4.0x30mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS4030
  7. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 4.0x30mm 25pk - SCREWS  ABCTS403025
  8. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 4.0x40mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS4040
  9. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 4.0x40mm 25pk - SCREWS  ABCTS404025
  10. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 4.0x50mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS4050
  11. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 5.0x40mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS5040
  12. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 5.0x50mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS5050
  13. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 5.0x50mm 25pk - SCREWS  ABCTS505025
  14. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 5.0x60mm 100Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS5060
  15. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 5.0x60mm 25pk - SCREWS  ABCTS506025
  16. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 5.0x70mm 100Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS5070
  17. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 3.5x30mm 25pk - SCREWS  ABCTS353025
  18. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 3.5x30mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS3530
  19. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 3.5x25mm 25pk - SCREWS  ABCTS352525
  20. SPAX Tstar Facade Screw 4.5 x35mm Stainless Steel 200Pk  ABC503521
  21. SPAX Tstar Facade Screw 4.5 x40mm Stainless Steel 200Pk  ABC504021
  22. SPAX Tstar Facade Screw 4.5 x60mm Stainless Steel 100Pk  ABC506022
  23. SPAX Tstar Facade Screw 4.5 x70mm Stainless Steel 100Pk  ABC507022
  24. SPAX Tstar Flooring 3.5 x45mm 500Pk - SCREWS  ABC201011
  25. SPAX Tstar Flooring 3.5 x55mm Yellow Pass 500Pk - SCREWS  ABC202021
  26. SPAX Tstar Flooring 4.5 x60mm Yellow Pass 300Pk - SCREWS  ABC450609
  27. SPAX-M MDF TStar ZB 3.5x40mm 125Pk - SCREWS  ABCMDFTS3540
  28. SPAX-M MDF TStar ZB 3.5x45mm 125Pk - SCREWS  ABCMDFTS3545
  29. SPAX-M MDF TStar ZB 4.0x40mm 125Pk - SCREWS  ABCMDFTS4040
  30. SPAX-M MDF TStar ZB 4.0x45mm 100Pk - SCREWS  ABCMDFTS4045
  31. SPAX-M MDF TStar ZB 4.0x50mm 100Pk - SCREWS  ABCMDFTS4050
  32. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 3.5x16mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS3516
  33. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 3.5x20mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS3520
  34. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 3.5x25mm 200Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS3525
  35. SPAX TStar S/STEEL 5.0x80mm 100Pk - SCREWS  ABCTSSS5080

35 Item(s)

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