Branch Late May Bank Holiday Opening Times for 2024!

Monday 27th May - 8.00 - 12.00


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23 Item(s)

  1. Brass Panel Pin [50gm] 15mm  OAK3093
  2. Brass Panel Pin [50gm] 20mm  OAK3094
  3. Brass Panel Pin [50gm] 25mm  OAK3095
  4. Bright Panel Pin [100gm] 15mm  OAK3045
  5. Bright Panel Pin [100gm] 20mm  OAK3046
  6. Bright Panel Pin [100gm] 25mm  OAK3047
  7. Bright Panel Pin [100gm] 30mm  OAK3048
  8. Bright Panel Pin [100gm] 40mm  OAK3049
  9. BRIGHT PANEL PINS 500GM 1.6x15  OAK299
  10. BRIGHT PANEL PINS 500GM 1.6x20  OAK300
  11. BRIGHT PANEL PINS 500GM 1.6x25  OAK301
  12. BRIGHT PANEL PINS 500GM 1.6x30  OAK302
  13. BRIGHT PANEL PINS 500GM 1.6x40  OAK303
  14. BRIGHT PANEL PINS 500GM 2.0x50  OAK465
  15. Coppered Hardboard Pin [50gm] 20mm  OAK3098
  16. Coppered Hardboard Pin [50gm] 25mm  OAK3099
  17. POLY TOP PINS WHITE 30mm [25]  OAK5093
  18. POLY TOP PINS WHITE 40mm [25]  OAK5094
  19. Sheradised Panel Pin [100gm] 20mm  OAK3040
  20. Sheradised Panel Pin [100gm] 25mm  OAK3041
  21. Sheradised Panel Pin [100gm] 30mm  OAK3042
  22. Sheradised Panel Pin [100gm] 40mm  OAK3043
  23. TIMCO PP40AG Polymer Head Pin A/Grey 40mm 250Pk  :PP40AG

Set Descending Direction

23 Item(s)

Opening Times

7.30am - 5.30pm MONDAY to THURSDAY (except Welshpool opening from 7am)

7.30am - 5pm FRIDAY (except Welshpool opening from 7am)

7.30am - 4pm SATURDAY (except Shrewsbury 8am - 4pm)

10am - 4pm SUNDAY


FSC® products available on request. Please contact your nearest branch for further information.

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