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Decorative Aggregates Midi Bags; For Building Trade and DIY Projects

Boys & Boden stocks all of the aggregates and sand you require to complete a job to the satisfaction of yourself and any potential customers. Meeting all of the necessary standards, this selection of quality materials includes: gravel, slag, mixed aggregates, building sand, sharp sand, limestone and more.
Whether you are a large scale tradesperson, or simply doing some DIY, speak with our expert staff instore today to see how our extensive services and products can meet your construction needs.

The Right Aggregate for the Job

Aggregate provides reinforcement for composite materials, such as concrete, making them stronger. This makes them ideal in the construction of foundations, roads and rail lines. The larger the size of the aggregate parts, the less water is required for the composition, this provides higher overall strength. Smaller sized aggregates are better suited for fitting in tighter spaces, they are also easier to mix, handle and apply.
Aggregates are also ideal for bulking out composite mixes because they are far more affordable than other components such as cement.

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  1. HANSON Canterbury Spar -Maxi Pack Decorative Aggregate     HCSSSPAR
  2. HANSON White Spar -Maxi Pack Decorative Aggregate  HCSSWHITE
  3. SSG MIDI -Brown Cream Shingle Decorative Aggregate   HCPBSCV
  4. SSG MIDI -Brown Salmon Chippings Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSCS
  5. SSG MIDI -Buff Chippings Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSCN
  6. SSG MIDI -Cotswold Gravel Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSCJ
  7. SSG MIDI -Dark Grey/Black Chippings Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSCR
  8. SSG MIDI -Golden Flint 10mm Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSCG
  9. SSG MIDI -Golden Flint 20mm Decorative Aggregate   HCPBSCH
  10. SSG MIDI -Lychen Green Decorative Aggregate   HCPBSCM
  11. SSG MIDI -Pink Gravel Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSCL
  12. SSG MIDI -Red Chippings Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSDA
  13. SSG MIDI -Slate Blue Decorative Aggregate   HCPBSDH
  14. SSG MIDI -Slate Plum Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSDJ
  15. SSG MIDI -White/Cream Chippings Decorative Aggregate  HCPBSCP

Set Descending Direction

15 Item(s)

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