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Plaster For Building Trade and DIY Projects

Boys & Boden stocks a range of quality plaster and plastering supplies for jobs of any size in both trade and domestic situations.

Most homeowners and tradespeople are familiar with plaster, and for good reason. Its versatility and ease-of-use make it a top choice for smoothing walls and ceilings. At Boys & Boden there is an extensive selection from trusted brands that can meet all plastering needs.

Whether you are a large scale tradesperson, or simply doing some DIY, speak with our expert staff instore today to see how our extensive services and products can help.

Advantages of Plasterboard

Plasterboard offers a quick and easily installed alternative to plaster. Simple to cut to size and install while providing efficient results, this is a favourite among tradespeople.

Plasterboard is a great choice for interior walls as it aids in fire resistance, thanks to it being made from gypsum, it helps with thermal insulation and also contributes to soundproofing.

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  1. ARTEX Easifix Smooth IT 7.5L - Plaster  ART647654
  2. Artline Ceiling Rose -Arenio- CRO4008
  3. Artline Ceiling Rose -Belina- CRO4026
  4. Artline Ceiling Rose -Cornellia- CRO4007
  5. Artline Ceiling Rose -Donata- CRO4011
  6. Artline Ceiling Rose -Floriano- CRO4003
  7. Artline Ceiling Rose -Savio- CRO4006
  8. Artline Coving -Agnola- COV1029
  9. Artline Coving -Albertina- COV1004
  10. Artline Coving -Albina- COV1032
  11. Artline Coving -Aroldo- COV1019
  12. Artline Coving -Bella- COV1022
  13. Artline Coving -Brunella- COV1008
  14. Artline Coving -Fabiola- COV1017
  15. Artline Coving -Florina- COV1014
  16. Artline Coving -Gemma- COV1030
  17. Artline Coving -Leola- COV1027
  18. Artline Coving -Mariana- COV1018
  19. Artline Coving -Milena- COV1001
  20. Artline Coving -Naldo- COV1028
  21. Artline Coving -Natalia- COV1015
  22. Artline Coving -Nerina- COV1020
  23. Artline Coving -Nicolo- COV1021
  24. Artline Coving -Olympia- COV1002
  25. Artline Coving -Orsina- COV1024
  26. Artline Coving -Perla- COV1016
  27. Artline Coving -Pompeo- COV1010
  28. Artline Coving -Rosetta- COV1005
  29. Artline Coving -Sabrina- COV1023
  30. Artline Coving -Silvano- COV1003
  31. Artline Coving -Simona- COV1025
  32. Artline Coving -Zeta- COV1009
  33. GTEC AQUA BOARD 850x1200x12.5mm T/E [LAFAQUAG1]
  34. GTEC BASE BOARD 1220x900x9.5mm [SMBB95A]
  35. GTEC CONTOUR 2400x1200x6TE ST060 [LAF124618]
  36. GTEC DB PLASTERBOARD 2400x1200x12.5mm [LAFDB12.5]
  37. GTEC DB PLASTERBOARD 2400x1200x15mm [KNA15SS]
  38. GTEC Echeck Board 2400x1200x12.5mm [LAFECHECK]
  39. GTEC FIRE BOARD 2400x1200x12.5mm S/E [SMPB7FA]
  40. GTEC FIRE BOARD 2400x1200x12.5mm T/E [SMPB7FB]
  41. GTEC FIRE BOARD 2400x1200x15mm [LAFFIRE15]
  43. GTEC MOISTURE BOARD 2400x1200x12.5mm T/E [SMPBPPF]
  44. GTEC Patching Tape 90m  LAF183196
  45. GTEC PLANK 2400x600x19TE ST080 [LAF124497]
  47. GTEC STANDARD PLASTERBOARD 1800x900x12.5mm S/E [SMPB128]
  48. GTEC STANDARD PLASTERBOARD 1800x900x9.5mm S/E [SMPB129]
  49. GTEC STANDARD PLASTERBOARD 2400x1200x12.5mm S/E [SMPB12C]
  50. GTEC STANDARD PLASTERBOARD 2400x1200x12.5mm T/E [SMPB12T]

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