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The array of bricks available from Boys and Boden features a selection of different colours and textures. Bricks from trusted brands can lend a rustic look to a property, or a skilled brick layer can utilise them to form impressive patterns, bonds and structural features. 
Whether you are a large scale tradesperson, or simply doing some DIY, speak with our expert staff instore today to see how our extensive services and products can meet your construction needs.

Advantages of Using Brick 

Bricks offer several advantages as a building material as they are extremely durable and can provide a comfortable indoor climate. The clay in bricks helps to moderate interior temperatures, keeping it warm in winter and cool in summer, this makes brick an excellent part of an energy efficient building.
The major draw for using brick is the overall durability of it as a construction component, a well-built brick construction will stand for decades.

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  3. 73mm Pre War Wire Cut Bricks [MBS73PWAR]
  4. BLOCKLEY 65mm Carlton Brodsworth Mixture Brick   [BLO65CBMIX]
  5. BLOCKLEY 65mm Hadley Red Brindle Facing Brick Wire/Cut    [BLO65HROF]
  6. BLOCKLEY 73mm Hadley Red Smooth Facing Class Brick [BLOSHREW73R]
  7. Blockley Black Smooth 65mm Brick  [BLO65BLKSM]
  8. Blockley Black Wirecut 65mm Brick  [BLO65BLKWC]
  9. BLOCKLEY Ipswich Mixture Wire Cut Brick [HBKBWCL]
  10. BLOCKLEY Park Royal Wire Cut Brick [HBKBWCM]
  11. Blockley Pennine Wirecut 65mm Facing Brick  [BLO65PWC]
  12. BLOCKLEY Windermere Grey 65mm Facing Bricks [BLOWMERE65]
  13. BLOCKLEY Wrekin Berkshire 65mm Brick   [HBKWB65]
  14. Blockley Wrekin Dark Red 65mm Facing Brick  [BLO65WDR]
  15. BLOCKLEY XV111 Red Mix Wire Cut [Hadley] 65mm Brick  [HBKBWC8]
  16. Blue 65mm Smooth - Perforated Brick [HBKSRMDA]
  17. Brunel 65mm Blue Smooth - Perforated Brick [IBSBRBSM]
  18. Carlton Heather Sandfaced 65mm Brick   [BLOCHES65]
  19. Carlton Moorland Sandfaced 65mm Brick  [BLOCMOS65]
  22. Desimple Mozart Blend Brick -65mm [HBKSRMZ]
  23. Forterra Brick COM 65mm LONDON Common Brick
  24. Forterra Brick COM7 73mm LONDON Common Brick
  25. Forterra Brick COT 65mm LONDON Cotswold Brick
  26. Forterra Brick DAPL 65mm LONDON Dapple Light Brick
  27. Forterra Brick HEA7 73mm LONDON Heather Brick
  28. Forterra Brick RUS 65mm LONDON Rustic Brick
  29. Forterra Brick WIN 65mm LONDON Windsor Brick
  30. Forterra Clumber Red Selected 65mm Facing Bricks [HANCRED65FB] - Priced per 1000
  31. Forterra Cradley AN1.2 Squint Brick - Blue
  32. Forterra Cradley AN1.2 Squint Brick - Red
  33. Forterra Cradley AN5.2 Single Cant Brick - Blue
  34. Forterra Cradley AN5.2 Single Cant Brick - Red
  35. Forterra Cradley AN6.2 Double Cant Brick - Blue
  36. Forterra Cradley BB.290 BAT BOX - Red
  37. Forterra Cradley BN1.2 Single Bullnose - Blue
  38. Forterra Cradley BN1.2 Single Bullnose - Red
  39. Forterra Cradley BN13.2 Bullnose Double Header on Flat - Red
  40. Forterra Cradley BN15.4 Double Bullnose Stopend - Blue
  41. Forterra Cradley BN19.2 External Return To Double Bullnose - Blue
  42. Forterra Cradley BN2.2 Double Bullnose Brick - Blue
  43. Forterra Cradley CP1.2 Half Round Capping - Blue
  44. Forterra Cradley CP2.2 Saddleback Capping - Blue
  45. Forterra Cradley CS1.1 Cill Brick - Red
  46. Forterra Cradley CS2.2 Cill Brick - Red
  47. Forterra Cradley PL2.2 Plinth Header Brick - Red
  48. Forterra Cradley PL3.2 Plinth Stretcher - Blue
  49. Forterra Cradley PL3.2 Plinth Stretcher - Red
  50. Forterra Cradley PL4.1 Plinth Internal Return LH - Blue

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1-50 of 127

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