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  2. Geocel Pro Metal Foam Gun [GEO6001801]
    Supplier - Sherwin Williams - Ronseal Geocel Colron Dow Thompson Top Gun
    Learn More
  3. Heavy-Duty Hand Cleaner 1 litre - :SWAH1
    Supplier - Boys and Boden Toolbank
    Learn More
  4. O Keeffes Healthy Feet Foot Cream 91g Jar - UGRGOKHF
  5. O Keeffes Working Hands Hand Cream 96g Jar - CLEGRGOKWH
  6. Original Classic Hand Cleaner 275ml - CLESWAOC275
  7. Original Classic Hand Cleaner 500ml - :SWAOC500
  8. Professional Foam Gun - :ROU32310
    Supplier - Boys and Boden Toolbank
    Learn More
  9. Professional Foam Gun Deluxe - :ROU32320
    Supplier - Boys and Boden Toolbank
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  10. SikaEverbuild 2Part Pro-Fill Wood Filler 500g [EVBPROFILL5]
  11. SikaEverbuild 2Part Superlight Wood Filler 370g [EVB2PSUPLT3]
  12. SikaEverbuild 2Part Wood Filler 500g
  13. SikaEverbuild All Purpose Powder Filler White
  14. SikaEverbuild All Purpose Wall Paper Adhesive
  15. SikaEverbuild Aluminium Joint Tape 75mm x45m Silver [SHEJOTAP]
  16. SikaEverbuild ASBO Graffiti Remover 400ml [EVGRAFF]
  17. SikaEverbuild Cold Weather Duct Tape 50mm x50m Blue [EV2COLD50]
  18. SikaEverbuild EUROSCRIM Drywall Joint Tape White
  19. SikaEverbuild Glass Protector 600mm x25m Red [EVBROLLGLAS25]
  20. SikaEverbuild Hand Armour Barrier Cream 100ml White [SIKHAND01]
  21. SikaEverbuild HD DPM Polythene Tape 75mm x20m Black [EV2HDDPM75]
  22. SikaEverbuild Heavy Duty Wonder Wipes Tub 75Pk [EVBWIPEHD75]
  23. SikaEverbuild Mammoth Anti-Slip Tape 50mm x10m Black [EVB2ANTBK50]
  24. SikaEverbuild Mammoth Barrier Tape 72mm x500m Red &White [EVB2BARRD500]
  25. SikaEverbuild Mammoth GP Masking Tape Off White
  26. SikaEverbuild Mammoth Low Tack Masking Tape Off White
  27. SikaEverbuild Mammoth Pro Blue Masking Tape
  28. SikaEverbuild Mammoth PVC Hazard Warning Tape 50mm x33m
  29. SikaEverbuild Masonry Dry Rot Treatment 5L Clear [SIKLJROT05]
  30. SikaEverbuild Mega All Purpose Tape 50m
  31. SikaEverbuild Multi-Purpose Double Sided Tape Clear
  32. SikaEverbuild Multi-Use Wonder Wipes Giant Tub 300Pk [EVBGIANTWIPE]
  33. SikaEverbuild Multi-Use Wonder Wipes Monster Tub 500PK [EVMONSTERW]
  34. SikaEverbuild Multi-Use Wonder Wipes Spray 1Ltr [EVBWIPESPRAY]
  35. SikaEverbuild Multi-Use Wonder Wipes Tub 100pk [EVBWIPE80]
  36. SikaEverbuild One Strike Filler
  37. SikaEverbuild Overlap & Border Adhesive
  38. SikaEverbuild Packaging Tape 48mm x50m
  39. SikaEverbuild Roll & Stroll Carpet Protector 600mm x25m Yellow [EVROLLSTR]
  40. SikaEverbuild Roll & Stroll Contract Carpet 600mm x50m Clear [EVROLLCON50]
  41. SikaEverbuild Roll & Stroll Hard Surface 600mm x25m Clear [EVROLLHARD20]
  42. SikaEverbuild Roll & Stroll Textured Non Slip 600mm x75m Yellow [EVROLLTEXT75]
  43. SikaEverbuild Roll & Wrap 100mm x150m Clear [EVROLLWRAP1]
  44. SikaEverbuild Silicone Spray 400ml [EVBSILSPRAY]
  45. SikaEverbuild Silweld Silicone Repair Tape 3m
  46. SikaEverbuild STIXALL on a Roll 19mm x2.5m Clear [EV2STIX19]
  47. SikaEverbuild Sugar Soap Liquid 500ml [EVSOAPLIQ]
  48. SikaEverbuild Sugar Soap Powder 430g [EVSOAPPOW]
  49. SikaEverbuild Triple Action Wood Treatment 25L Clear [EVBLJUN25]
  50. SikaEverbuild Wallpaper Stripper 500ml [EVWALLSTP]

Set Descending Direction

1-50 of 55

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Opening Times

7.30am - 5.30pm MONDAY to THURSDAY (except Welshpool opening from 7am)

7.30am - 5pm FRIDAY (except Welshpool opening from 7am)

7.30am - 4pm SATURDAY (except Shrewsbury 8am - 4pm)

10am - 4pm SUNDAY

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Learn about the Boys & Boden legacy, from saw mill to venerable builders' merchant.

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