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Choosing the correct brick for your home, garden or next project can be a difficult task. You may be able to track down that precise colour and size but you need more than that. Bricks look very different once they have been incorporated into brickworks; the patterns they form, the bonds and courses that suite them and the textures they offer need to be experienced before you can make a truly informed decision. With the Boys & Boden Brick Library, you can do just that and see the brickwork up close.


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Trusted Brick Suppliers

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Coming from trusted suppliers, like Tobermore, the brick library displays a variety of brickwork samples in the Boys & Boden range. These vary from functional and affordable bricks to decorative brickwork and masonry. The samples are handily mounted, allowing you to quickly and easily find the ones for you. Along with how they look, it can also be important for brickwork to have a pleasing texture.
This is usually the case when you intend to have interior exposed brickwork. At the Brick Library you can run your hand over an extensive range, letting your senses decide which brick you require.   

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See, Touch and Experience the Brick Selection

Alternatively, many builders’ merchants simply have bricks stored on pallets or the occasional catalogue. While Boys & Boden still have bricks viewable in the yard, the brick library goes a step beyond to give you as much information as possible before you choose the materials for your project. In seeing how the brickwork would appear, you can also make an informed decision on which course and bonds you would prefer. For more on the bricks and masonry available from Boys & Boden, visit your nearest store today. Perhaps take a trip to the brick library in the Chester branch, peruse the options and speak with the helpful staff to discover that special brickwork for you.

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Opening Times

7.30am - 5.30pm MONDAY to THURSDAY (except Welshpool opening from 7am)

7.30am - 5pm FRIDAY (except Welshpool opening from 7am)

7.30am - 4pm SATURDAY (except Shrewsbury 8am - 4pm)

10am - 4pm SUNDAY


FSC® products available on request. Please contact your nearest branch for further information.

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