Wood Briquettes

Wood Briquettes, Responsible Fuel from Recycled Materials

Wood briquettes, available from all Boys & Boden branches, are manufactured using 100% recycled materials. Along with supplying timber for construction and DIY, Boys & Boden offers a dedicated cutting and shaping service. These processes can result in waste material. Instead of just being thrown away, where it decays and releases carbon without putting it to use, waste chippings and timber is collected and pressed into briquettes. An excellent source of fuel, wood briquettes offer an affordable and eco-friendly alternative to timber logs. Unlike logs, briquettes are a side product from manufacturing with wood, making the most of the timber.

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Dry and Convenient Fuel

As many homeowners with open fires or wood burners can attest, keeping logs dry and ready can be an awkward task. Wet, damp or unseasoned logs do not easily take a flame and can produce resin that clings to the inside of wood burners and chimneys. Wood briquettes are a convenient and dry source of fuel that can easily take a flame, yet they are also dens enough to provide a slow burn time for a long lasting source of warmth. Wood briquettes are available from all Boys & Boden branches. Visit your nearest store today and speak with the helpful staff to find out more.

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