LAR 200 Self Levelling Auto Rotation Laser STBLAR200SET

Supplier - Stabila - Levels - Laser & Electronic Devices

The Stabila LAR 200 Self Levelling Auto Rotation Laser is simple and eays to use, one button operation. Its robust design with patented (SPS) Shock Protection System prevents the laser from being damaged if accidently dropped onto concrete. IP65 rated, against water projected from a nozzle& dust tight. It also works in extrem outdoor temperatures, -10 to 60°C (14 to 140°F).

Powered by two D Cell batteries, that are included, offering around 120 hours of operation.

It is supplied with the Stabila REC300 Receiver has two displays: one each on the front and back with digital display of the reference deviation in mm, in, in (fractions) and ft. Allowing you to read the deviation from the reference height directly. Acoustic guidance with selectable volume and a series of symbols, will indicate your distance from the reference height and whether you are too high or low. Its loud signal can be heard even with a loud background noise.

Accuracy: Fine: ±1.0mm, Coarse: ±5.0mm.
Digital Readout Units: mm, in, in (fractions), ft.
Protection Class: 1P67, Battery Life: 70 Hours.
Batteries: 2 x 1.5 Volt AA (Alkaline) Batteries (Supplied).

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