Site pegs or site stakes from Boys & Boden builders’ merchants

Wooden site pegs

Site pegs or site stakes from Boys & Boden are exactly what you need when it comes to marking the perimeter of an active working area. Available in a selection of sizes, these wooden pegs are durable and sturdy enough to clearly outline an area until the job is complete.

The tapered points allow them to be easily driven into the ground with a mallet. Available in a variety of sizes and with cutting services in every Boys & Boden store, you can be assured that you are leaving with the precise site markers you require.

For more on the Boys & Boden range and to discover more about the complete services available, visit a store today, take a walk around and speak with the friendly staff.

Timber site stakes

Our sawn timber site pegs are sturdy, robust and available in a variety of sizes. They can be used to help mark out the parameters of your site clearly. The pointed ends guarantee easy insertion in various kinds of surface conditions, and the variable lengths provide scope to mark out any size or scale of project, for commercial, industrial or domestic jobs.

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