Wooden flooring gives a property a warm and natural feeling, though it is not perfect, thankfully engineered timber flooring offers an alternative that retains the positives of solid wood flooring without the major flaws. As wood is a naturally occurring material that contains certain levels of moisture, it is liable to shift and warp over time. Engineered wood flooring overcomes this with better stability and an inherent resistance to moisture and temperature changes.

Some may be fearful that engineered timber flooring is not authentic enough, but the top layer is actually made from your preferred wood, so there is virtually no visible difference between it and a costly timber floor. At Boys & Boden you can find a selection of gorgeous engineered options, such as engineered oak flooring, that is easily fit and shaped to the precise dimensions you require.

To discover the full range at Boys & Boden visit a store today, take a walk around and speak with the helpful staff to see how your project or trade can flourish.

10 Item(s)

  1. Boden OAK Eng 150x14mm Unfinished -2.28m2 Oak Flooring  ANENGBO14UF
  2. Boden OAK Eng 190x20mm Nat Oiled -1.805m2 Oak Flooring  YTDBONO19020
  3. Boden OAK R/L Eng 125x18mm Lacquered -1.5m2 Oak Flooring  YTDBOLAC12518
  4. Boden OAK R/L Eng 150x14mm B & Nat Oiled -2.64m2 Oak Flooring  YTDBOBNO15014
  5. Boden OAK R/L Eng 125x18mm Golden Hand Scrap 2.2m2 Oak Flooring  ANENGBO18AAH
  6. Boden OAK CLICK 127x12.5mm B & Lac 2.4384M2 Oak Flooring  YTDH123RS
  7. Boden OAK Eng 190x14mm Nat Oiled -2.888m2 Oak Flooring  YTDBONO19014
  8. Boden OAK Eng 220x14mm Oiled -2.904M2 Oak Flooring  YTDBOE22014
  9. Boden OAK R/L Eng 125x18mm B & Nat Oiled -2.2m2 Oak Flooring  YTDBOBNO12518
  10. Boden OAK CLICK 127x12.5mm Smoky B & Lac 2.4384M2 Oak Flooring  YTDH126RS

10 Item(s)

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