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24 Item(s)

  1. SPAX-RA Frame Anchor ZB 7.5 x100mm LOOSE  M0751005
  2. Nylon Frame Anchor 8mm x80mm LOOSE  ITW920219
  3. Nylon Frame Anchor M10x160mm LOOSE  :10160NFF
  4. Plasterboard Anchor -Metal LOOSE  ITW059360
  5. Plasterboard Anchor Plastic LOOSE  ITW058850
  6. HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR M4 x45mm (50mm SCREW) LOOSE  :40045CA
  7. HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR M4x38mm (45mm SCREW) LOOSE  :40038CA
  8. HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR M5 x37mm (45mm SCREW) LOOSE  :50037CA
  9. HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR M5 x52mm (60mm SCREW) LOOSE  :50052CA
  10. HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR M5 x65mm (70mm SCREW) LOOSE  :50065CA
  11. HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR M6 x52mm (60mm SCREW) LOOSE  :60052CA
  12. Nylon Frame Anchor 8mm x120mm LOOSE  ITW920222
  13. Nylon Frame Anchor 10mm x80mm LOOSE  ITW920224
  14. SPAX-RA Frame Anchor ZB 7.5 x120mm LOOSE  M0751205
  15. SPAX-RA Frame Anchor ZB 7.5 x150mm LOOSE  M0751505
  16. SPAX-RA Frame Anchor ZB 7.5 x180mm LOOSE  M0751805
  17. SPAX-RA Frame Anchor ZB 7.5 x210mm LOOSE  M0752105
  18. SPAX-RA Frame Anchor ZB 7.5 x40mm LOOSE  M0750405
  19. SPAX-RA Frame Anchor ZB 7.5 x60mm LOOSE  M0750605
  20. SPAX-RA Frame Anchor ZB 7.5 x80mm LOOSE  M0750805
  21. Nylon Frame Anchor 10mm x100mm LOOSE  ITW920225
  22. Nylon Frame Anchor 10mm x120mm LOOSE  ITW920226
  23. Nylon Frame Anchor 10mm x140mm LOOSE  FAS47980
  24. HOLLOW WALL ANCHOR M6 x65mm (70mm SCREW) LOOSE  :60065CA

24 Item(s)

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