GTEC AQUA BOARD 850x1200x12.5mm T/E [LAFAQUAG1]

Supplier - Various Boys and Boden Suppliers - Plasterboard Range

Aqua board is a water resistant plasterboard for kitchens, bathrooms and shower rooms and is also suitable for extremely humid environments such as swimming pools and health spas. It can be painted or directly tiled. Benefits:

Easy to cut using the simple score and snap method - makes installation faster and cleaner than traditional cement boards
Contains additives which protect against mould and fungus damage and reduce maintenance cost. Special nonwoven coating can be directly tiled or painted.


Residential and multi occupancy accommodation - shower rooms, kitchens, toilets, bathrooms, garages and unheated cellars
Leisure - swimming pools, health spas and sports shower facilities

Technical information: Edge - Tapered. Width - 1200mm. Length - 850mm. Weight - 10.8kg

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