K REND Cladding Thin Coat - Sunflower

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Silicone Thin Coat coloured renders and primers are suited to lightweight systems such as External Wall Insulation. Silicone Thin Coat holds the prestigious kitemark licence to BS EN 15827:2009. The K Rend silicone range incorporates silicone water repellents as an integral part of the cement based render system.

This silicone technology imparts a high degree of water repellency to the render surface whilst allowing water vapour to pass through the render allowing the substrate to breathe.
The water repellent surface ensures a freshly rendered appearance for a prolonged period. The finish is drier and thus more resistant to algae growth and the natural phenomenon of lime bloom.

Benefits include:

• Water Repellent
• Low Maintenance
• Allows Structure To Breathe
• Natural Looking Finish
• Extensive Colour Range

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