High Strength Concrete pre-stressed Lintels

Supplier - Stressline Concrete Lintels

High strength pre-stressed concrete lintels are available in sizes from 70x100mm up to 215x215mm, and offer much the same as our standard lintels, but with increased load bearing capabilities.

Designed to support:
• Masonry loads
• Uniformly distributed timber floor loads
• Uniformly distributed roof loads
• Concrete floor loads
• Attic truss loads
• Point loads: compound trusses, steel beams, etc

The high strength pre-stressed concrete lintel is a valuable load supporting product vital for openings which have an extreme load; where strength is required. The high strength lintels are available in lengths from 600mm to 4200mm (depending on the type) and in sizes ranging from 100mm x 70mm up to a 215mm x 215mm variant.

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