Fair Faced Concrete pre-stressed Lintels

Supplier - Stressline Concrete Lintels

The fair faced variant is available in sizes from 100x110mm up to 215x140mm. This type of lintel is specifically used in fair faced block/brick walls. It can be painted if required.

Designed to support:
• Masonry loads
• Uniformly distributed timber floor loads
• Uniformly distributed roof loads
• Concrete floor loads
• Attic truss loads
• Point loads: compound trusses, steel beams, etc

The fair faced pre-stressed concrete lintel is a cost-effective solution to support load bearing walls with the added benefit of a smooth finish to allow the lintel to be visible. A range of sizes of fair faced lintels available from 100mm x 110mm, through to 215mm x 215mm.

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